well it was september 8 09  tuesday  i got to the drs  and waited like a good 20 to 25 mins to see the drs  i was wet  down there no my water was not broken  it was just the mucas plug still coming out  i was falling a sleep  on the waiting chair lol  so anyways  my dr finelly came in  and  told me well edith 38 weeks  wow can you belive it i  was like ya so the he told me well i think next week  we will meet baby  lol no way i was starting to cry case i was wlready in pain  from my back in the front it i was feeling pain like restroom pain he was like ok lets check how may  cm you are  well i was already at a 4 cm  and very very soft   he ask the nurse if there was any proten in my pee lol  she  says yes a lil  so he like ok  edith  i will et  you go  to labor in delivery and have her he told the nurse  that vannessa was only going to be a two hr baby  lol well i finely got to labor in delivery floor and they hocked me up to in ivey  and started me on a whole bag of water  for me to get my epi  in  i had to have that whole water frist  well finelly it came time for my epi  i was like shacking i dont know if it was case all the water i had to have frist or what  but i was not scared to get my epi i was like ok  the guy came in and only one try he got it in my back and brely no pain  well finelly i was in no pain case i was contrating  every 5 mins before the epi  so they told me to sleep a lil be for we start pushing well i cant sleep i was to happy to meet and she my lil angel  well the nurse came in to see how may cm i was i was already at a 6  then 10 mins later she check agine and  i was at a 9 cm  she saw that the baby need help out case i had the leep surgey done so she told me to push a lil  to  help her out well it worked but after that  she  said she had to call the dr case it was time to push i had a feeling to push so bad she like dont edith  we are not ready  my dr was getting ready  he looked at me told me edith ur not happy  tell we get this baby out you right i was like ya i am in a lot pain  well he was ready so was the nurses was ready so now time to push  so  that layed me back on my  back and told me to hold on to this bars in front of me i told them i cant  so i started to push   she was not coming out yet so they told me to grab my legs and pull back in push so i did then he head was coming  finelly  then  5 mins later my dr told me to push agina case he need to help me with her shoulder  well that was the hardest part case the epi  was already gone so i was feeling every thing i pused big 3 times and strated to cry case i ran out air they had to put the mask on me my face  was all red from pushing so my dr was like  edith a few more pushes then you are done well i finelly  had  the feeling to push and i pushed my hardest  and then all i know i was out air and the mask came back on and i seen the dr  grabing vannessa more out they plased her on my ceast and asked my mom d you want to  cut the cord  finelly my mom cut it i am so proud her and they taken vannessa  to clean her and she   was 7 pounds 7 ozs and 20in long  and i only need  1 stich ya not a bad labor only 6 hrs in labor  in i think 25mins pushing


   thanks for reading i hope you injoyed it thanks edith

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Sep. 17, 2009 at 3:48 PM

Awww..she's perfect and so glad you shared your story hun...

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Sep. 21, 2009 at 12:03 PM

How adorable! Congrats on your new baby!! Simply perfect!

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Nov. 14, 2009 at 7:40 PM

she is a pics of PERFECT....beautiful.......


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