What do you do when you have done all you can, what can you say when there is nothing left to say, where do you go when you have been everywhere. Who do you talk to when no one is listening. Who is there to help you when you are the one who is always helping. Who can pick you up when have fallen and can't get up. I can see the light and can hear the faint and familiar sounds of voices but I can't wuite figure out how to reach my destination. I keep asking myself these questions over and over and over again until I have run in complete circles with no end result. Coming to the conclusion that I must be insane to keep repeating the same thing and getting the same results. I am drowning in a world of sorrow that I have to learn to live with or learn to leave. But who am I to say when to leave, when enough is enough, when the hurt is not caused by physical or emotional nor verbal, but the pain lies in me. What do you do when you have given your all and it seems like it is never enough?

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Sep. 19, 2009 at 12:25 AM

 I bet, there is nothing else you could possibly done, said, asked. What could have been done? Nothing ... If it's relationship, if you forgive him twice, that should be it.. you don't go the third times.. move on, since there is a better world out there with or without man..

 I hope, I answer your question.. or helping you out here :) There are al ot of lovely things out there!! Life is wonderful ( that's what you should tell yourself).

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