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Let's dance
Don't mind the pain,
Toes and hearts, made for stomping upon,
Promise you that.
Twirl of the soul,then
Push of the mind,
Pull of the heart, drifting towards the wall
Don't let me down.

When dancing is your game
So much rides on a gamble

Let's dance.
I'll spin if you do,
Round 'n round we'll go, dizzy-sick,
Promise you that.
Don't mind the feeling, just
Close eyes, hold on
Like no tommorrow will come, maybe it won't
Don't wanna fall.

When dancing is your game
So much left to chance
Push.. pull..spin...

Let's dance.
Won't hurt, so much,
This time will be the last go 'round
Promise you that.
Last tango, final sidestep
'Cuz this heart's tired
Disco beat, Salsa sway, no more please
Don't like music anymore

When dancing is your game
So much rides on your heart

Sit down.



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