I found about a week and a half ago that i was pregnant. Of course, i sat there in the bathroom holding the pregnancy test crying my eyes out. We really really didn't need to get pregnant NOW. After i get done bawling, i get on the computer, and Hubby's online. So i tell him the news. He was just as in shock as i was. It was a short conversation. I text my BFF and tell her to call me ASAP. She calls almost right away and asks whats so important. I tell her the news and start crying. She starts laughing. "I told you, you were pregnant!" Our cycles are pretty close to eachother. I start my period, it ends, hers starts. But her period came, went, and i never saw mine. I only took the test to put my mind at ease because everytime my hubby comes home, my next period is always a little whacko. So when she had hers first, i just brushed it off in our conversation from the fact my hubby had just been home the month before.

She realizes i'm bawling my eyes out, and starts comforting me. It's ok, now is the perfect time, you guys have good insurance etc, etc...She makes me feel better and see this as the blessing it really is. While hubby is gone, she has volunteered to go with me to my appointments, babysit my DD at the first orientation(its not to kid friendly, can you imagine a 2 yr old at an orientation? Booooooooring) She is already in her joking stage about this. Richy has already done his contribution to this, now it's HER turn! LOL I asked her if she would be in the birth room with me. She has happily agreed. She said if Richy is there, she'll keep him in line for me.

She was going on about her OB/GYN, and how wonderful he is, i should go to him, blah blah blah and i interrupted and told her i wanted to check out the birth center we have. She stops talking....and asks, "Do they have OBs?" Well, yeah, but almost everything is done by midwives. She is totally supportive of me. Thank goodness. My orientation and U/S are on Nov 3. She's taking the day off to watch my DD. Then she'll be going with me to every appt after that as long as i let her know in advance so she can rearrange her work schedule for it.

I called my parents and told them the news. Mom was ecstatic. She told my Dad when he got up for work that night. She said he just laughed. (Dad has a strange sense of humor).   I called my Uncle and told him: "Sandra can't drink or smoke, and now she has to eat healthy from now on."  There was silence for a moment, then a huge burst of laughter. "Are you serious? You're pregnant?"  Called MIL. She's overjoyed.

Everyone is happy. I was in the garage yesterday looking for something, and found a stack of photos. I was flipping through them, then found my pic of me and Richy at the hospital holding our newborn DD. O...M...G...I immediately called my BFF. "do NOT let me get as fat as i did my last pregnancy." She stated we will start walking either in the mornings or evenings. That picture just horrified me. (part of it was from the fact that i had preeclampsia for 3 months before the docs caught it. The military hospital here is known for their incompetence)

This should be a good pregnancy. I can see a midwife at a birth center, i'm not in the military anymore. The birth center has the lowest rate of Csections, and inductions. They encourage BFing, they believe a woman should NOT labor on her back, and offer water birthing. You can eat and drink, walk around, and do pretty much whatever makes you the most comfortable during labor. I'm seeing this as a positive experience. I can labor the way I want to. Not the way some doctor says i have to.

But geez, that picture i found.....It scared me and gave me flashbacks to the military hospital.

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Sep. 24, 2009 at 6:59 AM


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