Question: Did your SO change after baby was born?


yes and SO is wonderful

sadly no im still looking after SO and baby

OTHER becuase thers always an other.

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so I'm 29 weeks pregnant today. this is going to be our first baby.I was fine until today and realized that I'm living with an immature, lazy child already. I wasn't feeling well today, lots of pelvic presures, so i asked him if he could make sure the cat and dog were looked after. you know feed , water and walk the dog. Simple tasks. And as always he said he would( which 90% of the time nothing gets done ) But he knew how much pain i was in. Well it was too hard for him to get off his ass(computer game) to do anything today.Grrrrrrrrr , what am i going to do? If he can't even look after the dog/cat for one day how is he going to be as a father??? Is there anyone else who had an immature man/child to look after before baby and he grew up after baby was born???

Scared I'm going to be raising this baby as a single mother. There is nothing wrong with that.Single mothers are very brave souls. But i just would love to have an SO who is responsible and reliable.



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Sep. 24, 2009 at 7:00 AM

I am sorry to hear about your SO.  Everyone changes after a baby.  It clicks a switch in some ppl who realise that the baby represents growing up.  There are some that run.  All you can do is be the best mom you can be for that beautiful baby inside you and let the rest happen.  IF you end up single, then realize the right man is out there and he couldn't be there for you and your baby with you current still in the picture.  You are strong enough to handle everything that come across your path regardless of how it may feel in your lonelist moment. 

Good luck!  Remember you have a whole community of moms her that support you!

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Sep. 24, 2009 at 8:06 AM

At first when the newness of the baby arrives he most likely will be all excited and help out but will go back to his old ways fairly fast.  One of my daughters knew this would happen so what she did was planned times for herself to go out, and DID go out, leaving him the baby to take care of. She was nursing so she couldn't stay out longer then two hours but she DID do it whenever she felt she needed a break.   Her son is two now and she still does it.   Not only did it good for her own mental health but the daddy HAD to bond with the baby, he had no other choice. 

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