The pain the Savage family must be feeling . . . . . I can't even imagine.   This family has 2 older teen boys and tried for 10 years to get pregnant again.  Finally they turned to modern medicine.  They have a beautiful little girl almost 2, and wanted to try to implant the remaining babies.  The doctors told her this would be her absolute LAST chance to have a baby.  Her body couldn't take another pregnancy.   So, they prayed about it and decided to try and give their remaining children a chance at life. 

Then the devastating news from the lab, "Mr. Savage, there has been a terrible mistake.  Your wife is carrying someone elses' embryos".   WHAT??????   How does that happen?  Not only is it devastating to the pregnant mother, but also to the biological parents of that child.  

So the justice system states there are 2 options:  either abort the child, or carrying the child to term and return the baby to the parents immediately after delivery.  What kind of choice is that?

The Savages have shown incredible strength through this situation.  The bio parents are thankful she is carrying their child, but I cannot imagine the pain she must be feeling.  Now she will have to find a surrogate mother for her child because she cannot carry any more children.

God must have a HUGE plan for this child. Why else would he put two families through this amount of emotional pain just to bring this child into the world.  God is Good and has a plan for each of us.  I pray the families are able to raise him to know that he is a miracle and God has a perfect plan for his life.

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Sep. 25, 2009 at 6:25 PM

I admire this woman so much.   She could have taken the easy way out and aborted this baby so easily and yet she is carrying it to term.    I say the old cliche - God works in myserious ways - who knows what may happen in the future? 

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