Nan Gabriel Studio, LLC is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new campaign, Green Dollars, on Exchange For Green that can be viewed and searched at

Exchange For Green provides you with a comprehensive solution of green living and promotes it by providing people a platform to easily exchange and give away items they are finished with for the ones they want, all for free. You will also find other resources, such as grocery coupons and savings and green tips.

As a reward to our users, Green Dollars promotes green living in action and encourages our users to participate in our site and go green. For each qualified listing the user upload, you will earn 1 Green Dollar. Once your green dollars reach 15, you will be able to choose a prize with cash value of $10 as a reward for going "Green".

To Get Started

Participants must be a registered user of Exchange For Green, log into the Member Account and click on "Post New Listings" to start posting things for either exchange or giveaway.

More details please go to

For More Information:
Exchange For Green

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