I'm so upset that I let myself fall for you time and time again. Why do I always believe things will change? If you were anyone else or any other situation this would never fly. Why do I let myself be hurt or disappointed. How can I feel anymore.How is there anything else left to feel. I want to just have a normal life. No more hoping and waiting. I want to live. I don't want to feel on the edge of breaking anymore. I want to know I'm the only thing that matters. I want our life to be shared not separate. We don't share the same hopes and dreams and goals. Why are you my kryptonite? Why am I weak for you? Why do I go down these dark ally ways with you? Why do I stand before you so vulnerable? So weak? Why can I not just scream at you. Why can I not just tell you what I really think. Why do I let you make me a nervous wreck. Why cannot take control of me. I need to hold the keys. I need to be my own strength.


Why do you make my chest hurt? Why is it hard to breath? You  may be worse that kryptonite you are a drug to me. I feel like I need you so bad. I don't want more I tell myself to break free. I convince myself I need you no more. But then you stand there full of promises and dreams. I only hope to believe you. When freedom is what I really need. I want to grow and fly really spread my wings. I want control, and I want a partner. So no more promises no more lies. I promise me I will no londer be waek to you. I will no longer stand before you naked. I will be stronger than you, stronger than superman. I will not be heart broken no more. I will be free.

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Sep. 26, 2009 at 10:08 PM

WOW! That was powerful

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