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Gabi Swank is a VERY AWESOME 15 year old girl. About a year ago Gabi and her mom did what many young girls and their moms are doing right now. They went to the Doctor and ask him to give Gabi the series of three Gardisal Injections to prevent cervical cancer. Shannon, Gabi's mom, felt that she was doing the best possible thing for her daughter, as cervical cancer runs in their family.

After the first shot Gabi started not feeling so good, and after the second shot, she was feeling even worse. Now, you might think "Why did she contine?" Well, because never once did Gabi and her mom associate the "not feeling so well" with this shot. The Doctors had all assured them that the shot was VERY safe! You've seen the ads on TV....they are promoting it BIG TIME! The thought NEVER EVEN CROSSED Shannon's mind that Gabi's "not feeling wel" could in any way be associated with this shot.

Well, after injection #3, things took a turn for the worse. Gabi began passing out, having seizures, having heart issues and various other medical issues. Finally they were referrred to a Neurologist, and he is the one that gave them the diagnosis and the bad news, Gabi was having a BAD REACTION to the Gardasil Shot. In fact, it is NOT just a BAD REACTION, Without an intervening Miracle from God, GABI is going to die.

This facebook page is created by those of us who love Gabi. We are praying for three things.

#1. First and Foremost that God provide a miracle, either through a Doctor's findings, or just an "unexplained" miracle to heal our amazing friend Gabi.

#2. To get the word out TO STOP giving this shot to your daughter's until the FDA and Merck (the pharmacitucal company) figure out WHAT the problem in.

#3. THE GET THE FDA and MERCK to PAY ATTENTION, because as of RIGHT NOW they are still promoting this as a SAFE drug!

We KNOW it is not safe because we are watching our loved friend die right before our eyes. Please ask everyone you know who believes in prayer to pray. Please tell every mom and daughter you know to read this BEFORE they start these shots...and hopefully this will change their minds about the shot!

Gabi's mom, Shannon, has been invited to speak at the 4th International Conference on Vaccinations. This takes place October 2 - 4. Then on October 5th she goes to Capitol Hill to tell Gabi's story there. Please pray that the people who need to hear Gabi's story will LISTEN and be affected by it and STOP THIS INSANITY and get MERCK (the manufacturer) to STOP promoting this unsafe drug until they can figure out WHAT the problem is! ALso pray for safe travels, and pray for Gabi and her sisters and Dad while mom is gone! :)


There is a t-shirt fundraiser going on. Send me a message with your email address an I will send you an order form. 




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