With global warming issues, do you part is the most thing to help the earth and help yourself in the tough economy situation. Visit Exchange4green.com and start swapping books, movies, CDs, baby clothing and all other home products, all for free. For each listing you upload, Exchange For Green will reward you with one green dollar for your choice of either grocery shopping credit or charity donations.

Green Dollars is a new marketing initiative to promote sustainable living concept, encourage people to recycle and reuse, and share experience and stories about how you help the environment and how to live green.

With hundreds of green tips, Q&As, comments, resources and listings posted on Exchange4green.com, our users learn from the content and have a better idea of how to have sustainable living and help our planet.

About Exchange For Green

Based in Denver, Colorado, Exchange For Green is owned and operated by the Nan Gabriel Studio, LLC, a web development and consulting firm.

Launched in 2009, Exchange For Green provides you with a comprehensive solution of green living and promotes it by providing people a platform to easily exchange and give away items they are finished with for the ones they want, all for free. You will also find other resources, such as grocery coupons and savings and green tips.

Is it really free?

Yep. It is absolutely free. We don't charge you for listing items, giving away items or trading items. Instead, we reward you with cash value prizes for each qualified listing.

How can I find matches?

We make swapping even easier. To find things you are looking for, simply browse the website by categories and locations and send a request to the owner of the item you like to swap. The website also features an automatic system to help you find matches based on your listings, wish list and your locations instantly.

What items can I upload for exchange and/or giveaway?

You can upload any media products, baby clothing and all other home products. Please read - Terms of Use for more details

About Green Dollars

As a reward to our users, Green Dollars promotes green living in action and encourages our users to participate in our site and go green. For each qualified listing the user upload, you will earn 1 Green Dollar. Once your green dollars reach 15, you will be able to choose a prize with cash value of $10 as a reward for going "Green".

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