I've been doing a lot of thinking since Grandma died.  Since then, we've gone financially in the crap pile, my husband's father died, two of our bought-very-used-and-very-cheap vehicles have suddenly lost the will to live, my huge garden was a complete bust this year, our friend who lives with us is being harassed by her ex and a handful of other oh-woe-is-me's.... but I was walking through my house a minute ago and suddenly started counting my blessings.

1.  We have tons of food in the cupboards and pantry.  Let the worst happen - at least we won't starve, lol.

2.  Our house is chock full of love.

3.  My kids have warm coats now that the weather's turning.

4.  My husband's sugars are down (he's diabetic, bordering on having to go on insulin instead of just medication) finally.

5.  I haven't had to be on prednisone for my COPD in months!!

6.  We have very good friends who we love very much and who love us.

7.  Our house is getting to the place where I like it after lots of tearing out of carpets and very cheaply remodeling (thanks to very good friends).

8.  We have a roof over our heads, a big yard for all the kids to play in, and heat to keep us cozy.

9.  We are a solid and loving family.

10.  We have good, positive attitudes.  THAT is probably the best blessing of all.

So even though this summer has been by FAR the most tragically eventful, we're still alive, warm, sheltered, fed and loved.  I could dwell on the crap or I can cherish the good and today I choose to cherish.  All the sadness and roadblocks will pass... but the good is constant and for that I am thankful.

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Sep. 30, 2009 at 3:29 PM

It's heartwarming to feel such gratitude amidst the turmoil. Sending warm ((((HUGS)))) as a reminder you've got another friend here in Canada that thinks of you often.

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