I really want to have another baby but the economy has really prevented that for me and my husband. We can't have a baby because we just don't have the money to. Plus I really do want to finish school and be a nurse, I am just so afraid it is going to take a long time to finish. My babies are still babies which is another reason not to I guess. I really want all my kids to be close in age. My sisters and I are so far apart in age that we are just now getting along, I don't want that for my kids. I am kinda in a toss up with it. I don't want to cause anymore problems money wise by adding another mouth to feed. Well mouth to feed later in life. Formula isn't a problem because I won't use it unless I absolutely had to, in a case of emergency of health of my child. It just drives me crazy that I want it now and can't have it. Oh well I guess I will just wait and do it when everybody is ready not just me!!!!

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