Question: When people or things are unjust you...


Smooth things over..the ultimate peace keeper...Peace in the Valley...mellow out

Stand up for what is right...hold back the darkness, beacon of light...

Ignore and butt out...things are as they've always been & will always be

Pray and leave it to the Lord

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Lord, I don't know how - and I don't know when to fight.  I'm a runner...a survivor!  I can find a cave to crawl into or a blanket to crawl under..I'm an expert at going through stuff by running away.  I don't want to be that kind of runner.  I want to be a conquerer.  I am afraid and I am a coward, and I am very good at covering my cowardice with words and exercises - reasons why I don't fight or face my enemies.  Now, I don't know how to do it.  I've lived in my bubble - Your shelter for so long that I'm terrified of what's out there.  Now that it's crowding in, I'm paralized by all the possible fiasco's.  I see if Ana won't go to the battle, You have brought the battle to me.  I never said I was brave and I do't know if I want to fight - I do know I want to try and obey.  Please show me what is the what.

Give me the faith of Abraham, the courage of Joshua, the wisdom of Abigail, the tenacity of Paul, the boldness of Esther, the heart of Ruth and the strength of Christ.

As always, You are the everything to my nothing, the courage to my cowardice, the wisdom to my foolishness, the strength to my weakness and the holiness to my sinfulness.

In Christ, Ana

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