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With all three kids, it amazes me how differently we choose their names.  Our first, we had the hardest time with.  My husband wanted something unique (ok, more weird) and I could go for unique, but wild and crazy I wasn't up for.  One afternoon while I was at work, he decided to put a list together... one name for every letter of the alphabet.  I had to pick from that list and we finally decided on Cale which means faithful and bold. 

Our second was easy, we had her name picked out even before we knew she was on her way.  It was a good thing she was a girl though, we had no boy name picked out!

For our third, I used the Baby Name Finder and came up with a few unique names.  My husband picked the ones that he liked, and for the first time ever... we had one boys name and a girls name.  Number three was our first "surprise"... the only one we didn't find out the gender for, so I was glad we had our bases covered. 

For me the meaning of the names has always been important, so not only did I have to like the name, I had to like the meaning too and that sometimes made it difficult when trying to find the right name.  I have no idea how it will work when #4 arrives (and for the record, no we are not expecting again already!) 

Do you have a fun story on how you came up with your baby's name?  I'd love for you to stop by the Unique Baby Names group and share it with us!  I started a post for all of us to share, you can find it here:

Share your baby name story!

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Oct. 8, 2009 at 5:52 PM

My daughter Georgia is named after my grandfather George. If she was a he, she would have been George.


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