Purse Party Inc.
The $29 New Consultant Starter Kit!
This kit is NEWand is part of Purse Party’s ‘Reach Out Campaign’. It was created as a way for you to become a Purse Party consultant with little start up costs. It was designed to help ambitious women get started right away seeing income potential and at the same time have the ability to invest back into products for growth in your business.
**This kit includes 6 current catalogs, 20 order forms, 3 consultant applications, 2 brochures, a personal website free for 3 months, and a Purse Party button to promote your business.
SPECIAL ADD ON KIT:  Add 3 handbags from the Purse Party current catalog for just $39! That’s a 60-70% discount, and gives you a small sampling of the products you will be offering at your parties!
To become a consultant today contact me or go to www.purseparty.com/amber and click on enrollment! Select the $29 kit!!!
Amber Gain
President, Purse Party Inc.

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