I've had baby fever since my two year old was one month old. But now I'm feeling like it really is time for me to go for baby #2. I can't explain it, it just feels right!  Nothing really has changed much in my situation. We haven't bought a house yet, so we wouldn't have a lot of space for another baby. We haven't gotten married yet either. We planned having Autumn before we got married so marriage isn't a big deal for either of us...just a piece of paper. We've been living like we are married for six years now. He is able to carry insurance on me because his company let's us fall under domestic partners. So we are not using state help at all, we are doing it all by ourselves. I really wanted to wait until we bought a house to have our second child. We are currently living in a rented townhome. But now something is making me feel like I should not worry about that so much and go ahead and TTC.

One of the bigggest things keeping me from going ahead and trying to have my next baby is my mother. I told her I want another one and she totally disagrees with me. She thinks that Charlie, my fiance, isn't a good enough provider or a good enough father. I mean I have my days where I have problems with the way that Charlie handles my daughter.  She gives her way too much freedom in my opinion.But I'm sure not all sets of parents agree 100% on how to handle a two year old. I do have to say that Charlie is much better than any father's I've had in my life. My biological father left before I was born, then I had an very abusive step father, and my mom's last husband cheated on my mom multiple times. So I don't think he is going half bad, at least he is staying in her life.

It is such a big decision to be made...and I just don't know which way to go. My hormones want me to be pregnant and it is hard to fight them. Then I love my relationship with my daughter and it would be amazing to have that with another child. Oh decisions, decisions!?!

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Nov. 6, 2009 at 10:44 AM

Follow your heart :) If it seems right to YOU and your fiance, then go right ahead, I mean after all it is your body, and you two are the parents, completely up to you! Good lcuk deciding!

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