I know that is a shocking statement and thought, but it is true in most cases. According to the National Safety Council, more children under the age of four die of accidental poisionings at home than are accidentally killed by guns at home.  Among children age five and under the most common poision comes from a household cleaner or personal care product.  This is scary stuff, 90% of all poisionings occur from 4-10 pm when kids are home from school.  With the kids natrual attraction to putting things in their mouths and the industry making attractive containers and posionious cleaners that smell good and look like Kool-Aid its no wonder it happens so often.  Most of the kids who injest these poisions can't read and even if they could would have a hard time finding where it states the products are poisionous. 

We need to do all that is possible to keep our kids in a safe and healthy home.  Free ourselves from worry by only buying all natural products that are made with safe and healthy ingredients from nature.  I do this and I can help you to do the same.  I am so relieved that if my baby girl was able to get ahold of something I know that nothing adverse would happen to her.  What would you do for piece of mind that your children are safe in their own home?  For me it is priceless and I would do anything to keep it that way. 


http://www.familyfriendlybusiness.com      http://www.thefreedomunitedteam.com/dl15483

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