Margaret 2004

I  just have to brag on my cousin Margaret a little. She's grown into such a beautiful lady. She turned 11 in May and of course she's going on 16, but that's always the case with pre-teen little girls. Right? It just amazes me how much they grow and change in such a short time. She is a natural horse back rider. She eats, sleeps and breathes horses. In this day and age when most kids are planted securely in front of the t.v. or computer, Margaret is found outside riding her favorite horse bareback. And she has the dream horse. He's 25 year old Arabian named Diamond and he's definitely that. He's exactly what I am looking for when it comes time to get a horse for my kids. Below is a picture of her just last weekend riding said horse. She's got such a natural talent and with the proper trainig she might be able to take the barrel racing a long way. I wish her much luck and success. But if she chooses not to compete in a professional manner, she will have a lifelong love that never goes away.

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