...... and put things into perspective.

I have been so agitated today, short fused with the kids & just overall nasty.  I don't feel very well & haven't been sleeping much, but it's not there fault.  I just blew up on everyone & sent them all to their rooms, why..... because they were screaming & running around the house like maniacs.  Then I came here.

I came here to CafeMom & was checking out the posts in my groups and came across one that I thought I would read.  Well, it was from a mother who was writing about a stillbirth of a beautiful little boy that she had carried to term.  I read her story & came to the end when she said that she held that little baby for 9 hours.  By this point I was sobbing.  It really made me think........  You know, I have 5 beautiful & healthy children.  Today I really took that for granted.  What would I do if they weren't here???  If I lost them????? 

To put it simply, I feel like a piece of shit :(

Just listening to someone else's story really puts things into perspective.... I think I need some time for reflection.....

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Oct. 10, 2009 at 7:06 PM

Honey dont feel like shit. even with putting things in perspective you still have a right to be HUMAN. short sleep, bad mood. these things happen. you have 5 lovely kids, but that does not mean you wont ever get short fused, angry, frustrated and upset. it happens. just hold them tight tell them you love them and tomorrow is another day

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Oct. 14, 2009 at 7:37 AM

I feel the same way sometimes, when Kurt or I really yell at christian for just being what he is a toddler who doens't know any bettter...

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