Last Feb/March (2009), after Brian's 4 year check up, there was a blood draw. The results said that Brian may or may not be allergic to wheat.  He is definitely allergic to milk/dairy. 

I've known he was allergic to dairy since he was 8 weeks old.  Fine.  I read labels.  We avoid it.  Not a big deal.

Wheat?  Are you kidding me!?  That pretty much left him with fruits (of which he eats TWO) and Veggie chips (which I was told I cannot count as a vegetable).  I honestly wailed "What am I supposed to feed him?" The only solution the drs office would offer was to remove all wheat from his diet immediately and to follow this new plan for 3 months... and we MIGHT see some change.

Needless to say, I was not at a place where I could cope with going wheat-free cold turkey with him.  I wasn't even sure how to attempt ANYthing at that point... for a "he maybe possibly allergic" propostion.  And I didn't really want to go through another blood draw at that time to see if we cold get a better result.  Blood draw=torture!  So I pretty much did nothing.  Great mom, right?  Well it WAS a great move because it gave me time to wrap my head around this whole situation and see if there was a way to cheat the wheat. 

Fast forward to September.  Yep, 7 months later.  And the past month I finally decided we were going to LIMIT wheat.  I know it isn't a stellar solution... but for right now it is the best I can do. The only thing he gets with wheat in it right now is the batter on his chicken.  I'd say I haven't done too badly.

So for breakfast Brian no longer gets Pop Tarts.  He eats Wheat Free waffles (which are dry and terrible) covered in a couple of tablespoons of plain frosting.  He doesn't seem to mind that they are dry and terrible. 

There are no more pretzels or mini cookies on his plate.

For lunch and dinner he eats all white meat no preservative Chicken Tenders (yes they are battered with a wheat product), Veggie Chips and fruit.

I have learned how to make wheat free/dairy free cornbread, cakes, and chocolate-chip cookies.  My next project is brownies and muffins.  I may also attempt some other cookies and making our own pop tarts.  I'm adjusting recipes I already have and I'm finding new ones that look like something we can stomach. 

This is going to be a process.  But we can do this.

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