Today is the big fund raiser for a cause very dear to me heart, it is for the American Diabetes association. I have talk with friends , pass out flyer , and let flyer at the door of neagiber  who ere not home. I have post in sevr=eral place about it. I pray I do some good and that this is not the last one I get to head up because I have learn a lot about how to do it better next time and will do so.

I have attend one of my goals for the Step Out for The Cure fund raising season I have more money then last year.  No many people to not realize how bad this health issues can be you speak the word Cancer and the whole place gets quite but diabetes is a health issues that no area of it gets better like some forms of Cancer can be cure now.  I think that is because no one thinks you can dead form this because you can. Diabetes leads to kidney failure, hearth problems.  It efforts so much of your life you have to count every piece of food you put in your month, may have to give your self shots once or several times a day, you must started to exercise, you have a worry about losing your limbs or sight.

The ones I will must sorry for our the little kids who have to decide to eat a piece of cake at a BD party know that will mean a shot or have the other kids steer at him like there is some very crazy about him.  Just wishes me lucky.

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Sep. 11, 2010 at 11:26 AM

That's a cause that's very near and dear to my heart.  I know, only too well, through personal experience, the devastating effects diabetes, if left untreated, can have on a person's health.  I lost my beloved father, at a young age, due to complications of diabetes.  He was   taken from this earth, when I was twenty years old.  He was a machinist, by trade.  He dropped a piece of metal, on his foot causing an infection.  He was afraid to go to the doctor, because he was terrified of shots.  One day, he came home, early from work.  You knew something was, terribly, wrong, when my father came home, early from work.  He wouldn't take any time off of work, because he had five children to provide for, me, my three sisters, and one brother.  By the time, he, finally, went to the doctor, it was too late.  The doctor said there was nothing he could do for him; he had gangrene.  My mother, immediately, took him to the hospital, where he was admitted.  First, they amputated one toe.  However, the infection kept spreading, so they, eventually, had to amputate one leg, all the way up to his knee.  He suffered for three years, before he passed away.  He lost his eyesight as a result of the diabetes; he was declared legally blind.  He was confined to a wheelchair, because he refused to try to walk.  He, ultimately, died due to kidney failure, leaving my mother a young widow in her forties, with five children.  Lucky for her, I was twenty and my older sister was in her twenties, when he passed away, leaving her with three children to support.  As if, that wasn't bad enough.           

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