Yes,the little ones that you crave for after married or a long relationship. They can be everything you look for. Especially when you need a smile after going through a hard day or when you need a push to keep going forward. Really when they speak the word Momma for the first time that put butterflies in you entire body,its like the most great feeling in the word. At that moment you know you are the most special person to them and them to you in every way that is possible.They are always happy and cheerful but the most of it all they are something from you and the person you loved are love. They beautiful way of making you mature and to be strong. Then we ask oursevles what we would do with out them ,well i will die I love my girls to death and i let them know it daily. So That's it........

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Oct. 17, 2009 at 10:02 PM


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