Why is it that as soon as I need to go to the bathroom one or more children suddenly need to use it? (We only have one)

Why is it that when I finally do get to sit down to use it they have to start fighting so now one or more children is now pounding on the door screaming he ,or she, hit me?

Or they need something that can't possibly wait until I'm done. You know like something to drink, because they mat die of thirst in the two minutes it takes for me to pee.

And lastly, why do they have to leave the bathroom door open when they finally leave me in peace and then have to go open the curtains in the living room ( which are directly across from my now open bathroom door) so that any poor unsuspecting person outside can now see me sitting on the toilet?

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Oct. 19, 2009 at 5:26 PM

Aren't they great?

My 3 y/o does all that you described. It drives me nuts. Although my personal favorite is when they sit contented for 15-20 minutes while you do nothing but wait for an explosion and as soon as you decide they're fine and find a good book or something interesting to do...


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