The most precious words I hear each morning...."Good Morning Mommy"- and seeing my son's huge smile on his face.  I thank God for blessing me so much!  I cannot believe my son is 4 years old, and the time goes by so quickly. It is so important to just cherish every minute you can. His little acheivements are amazing and he is just so proud to show me all he can do. The joys and happiness of finally being a mommy!!  The precious moments my son picking a flower to give to me. His constant questioning of why?  I do not remember the last time I had a full glass of something to His temper tantrums sometimes in crowded stores...what fun! He just has tons of energy where does it all come from?lol. Hearing his laughter fills me with such joy. Reading him his bedtime stories over and over again (as he likes to pick the same books sometimes). Then the famous just one more story before bed, which works everytime. The prayers before bedtime, nightime hugs ,kisses and I love you's!!. Another precious moment looking at him peacefully sleeping in his little bed.  Finally I am a mommy, and my heart is not empty anymore but so filled!!  The wonderful joys of motherhood!! God's greatest blessing !!toddler boy

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