Hey!!! I need someone to vent my feelings to right now and you came to mind....hope you dont care, just pray for me haha.We are giving my in-laws a 30th annie party, Everything was going good, i had got the room, got the invites out, got the decorations, got the plates ect. Well Joesph my BIL is getting the food. Me and kaye (MIL) and him went to Sams today, i had to get the pates and he had to get prices on the food. We after we leave we go eat, and hes telling me how he is going to set up and decorate. And i'm, like woooh wait a min. i've done got how we are decoration all planed and then he goes in to how small the room is and i'm like WHAT? i got to room for free! you want to go pay $150 dollars for another room PLUS we have already sent out the Invites! So when we get home and Gabe (my husband) comes home form work, Joseph starts at him how i got such a small room to fit all the people we invited and they got into a big big argument. Joseph was saying how he went and looked at it and  and the lady told him and she told me that it only held 25 people that is  a bunch of BULL! The room holds 75ppl i invited 100 i KNOW 30 of  not coming. then after he says this he tells my husband that it is Him  and my BILs place to give this party not mine, i'm not blood related  there not my parents, i want to quote you something my MIL and told me LOTS of times "I wish i had a girl because these boys wont give us any parties" so you know if BLOOD will not giver her a party what about some one who really cares? Then he goes on to say that he had already planed to have them a party till we came to him and told him our idea....Then WHY did he not say anything about it???

*PAST* I have never like my husbands brother, from the 1st time i've met him, he has a awful background he had a homosexual "Spirit", and he lies like a..i dont know what...but he became a christian 9 years ago i've been in the family for 5yrs. He still lies and i think he is a little Homo still. I do not like my son around him and he knows it. He's told lies about MY family about my mom and sister, he tells lies to get out of things or to make himself look better!  He never wants to hang out with the guys, he always wants to be with the girls! When ever we have get togethers he all ways in the kitchen cooking or calling every one Honey or Sweetie! He is so feminise! I use to work for my In-laws whos office was in my BILs house, we i found some NASTY things on the computer and i can almost bet you that he put them on there, he says he didnt do it and my FIL blames it on the fact that i got on Myspace and there were attached to the web page and got on the comp i think thats bull.



He's dragging Kaye (MIL) in to this where this is FOR them, NOT for them to be involved! He told my husband that he needed to get control of me, that he wanted to slap me, and my husband said, if he EVER touches you i'll knock him flat! He said that the year he went to this church camp and told about being Delivered of that homo thing that my mom came up to him and told him he was the devil and that he shouldn't even be there (This was our 1st year at camp, we did not even KNOW him my mother stayed at a hotel NOT at the camp) gaaa that pissed me off so bad when my husband told me that. my BIL also said to my husband that he was going to take us to our Pasteur and tell him how we have been treating him, and my husband said "Go right a head! " he told me i'll call his bluff everytime! My father in law told my hisband that if we hadnt already sent out the invites we would just cansel this! Dag Gum it! This was to be happy for them not to be something so out rages!My husband told me that i'm going to have to look for another building tomorrow then call everyone and tell them its changed, do you know how embarrassing that is! I was so excited when i got home and got everything togeather  for this party the plates where the last think i had to buy and that was it! Now i really really dont wasn't to do this any more!


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