I am totally outraged at the reports of the 15-year-old Bay Area student in California who was brutally raped for 2 hours and people watched, laughed and sent twitter messages!  AND this is not illegal because she was 15, where if she was 1 year younger these people would be charged with failure to report.  So did someone ID her?  Three minors where arrested and charged with robbery and rape by a foreign object while acting in concert.  Foreign object... is haunting me right now.   And one adult is also been arrested.  It is believed that up to 7 monsters took part in the rape. While a dozen people watched.  Many took pictures on their phones and twittered. BUT not 1 of these could dial 911.  Another girl had heard that some people where twittering about the the rape and SHE called 911.


So you mean to tell me that this is funny? That twitter is so important to be upset when a picture of John McCains daughter shows up with her breast looking very large, that we should twitter if we see a crime! A girl screaming and trying to get away from more than 4 men raping her and then blacking out isn't a crime you would call 911 for! What is wrong with people. AND then some crazy law saw that the child has to be 14 or under for it to be a crime for failure to report............ I would be one crazy momma if that was my daughter...... I would find out the twitter morons and have a web site with their faces for the world to see that they are low lives morons that couldn't  call 911 but had a great big laugh.  Let rape victims have a swing at them......... Twitter that!

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Oct. 30, 2009 at 1:22 AM

People make me           throwing up  'Nuff said!!!

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