Halloween is finally here after counting down the days. Seeing my son's excitement has been a joy! He picked his own Halloween costume out. Of course, I wanted the cute dragon costume with the long tail, or the scarecrow custome he would have looked adorable! But, at the age of 4 he tells me he has to be a superhero...so he picks Spiderman! It is really cute and fits his personality of wanting to save people..lol. He has his little flashlight and his pumpkin for collecting all his candy. This day is so special and seeing everything through my son has just been priceless. Children have a way to make Holidays that much more special and meaningful. I cannot wait to go trick-or-treating and see his little face lite up with excitement!! Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Halloween!!trick or treat

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Oct. 31, 2009 at 9:14 PM

Enjoy him........they grow up so fast!

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