you will never be my friend!

As ive been in this family for a long time,  i tryed being nice to you,
you come up with all these snide little remarks, why would you expect me to?

its seems you are 30 going on 13,  you will never defend anyone, its like you dont have a heart,
you love backstabbing, that is your life fulfillment so others will be your friend instead, this is your life's part.

you love causing drama, you get off on it, you seem to have nothing else to do,
you've got yourself in tons of trouble, all these companys now want to sue.

you cant expect a person to be nice back at you when your not,
we will never get along because you wanted it that way, i hope one day you will end up on a cot.

all these years i put up with your nastiness, when its something you want, you only are nice,
my wish is i hope you end up with bars around you and the mice.

you dont even try to get along with everybody, you cant act like an adult, you seem like a kid,
no one will understand why you did all that you did.

you once tryed taking my child and making him yours,
i cant get that back, its a real painful sore.

with the trouble you got yourself into, you seem to be lucky that life let you float by,
life seemed nice to you with all that you did to me and others, your the evilness to the eye.

when will you dissapear off the face of the earth?
maybe your mother shouldnt of gave you birth.

you decieved your parents by emptying thier bank accounts, now at an old age they had to start all over,
they seem to forgive you but you showed no sorrow, maybe more luck will come about, go find freaking clover.

when we are nice enough to take you out, you find a way to start some bad drama,
i would think karma came and got you by now but it didnt, dang that karma!

there's a reason why no one trusts  you, look at you being all pariniod and snoopy,
i wont let you snoop in my house, your just weird and kooky.

the only way you know how to get attention is make up stories that arent true,
everytime you make one up and find out its not true, i think "whats new?".

your mean to one of my children because you think he's not my hubby's,
the world doesnt have perfect pple, so why be mean and snobby?

you think your the perfect version of how pple should parent, you dont see no other way
you dont even have kids so thats no way you can even have a say.

you and your attitude can go to hell i hope it burns and one day all of us will have peace,
everyone's used to you screwing up your own life so they know you wont ever have a lease.

if you at least tryed to be my friend, i would of gave it a chance,
but you chose that path and now it can never enhance.

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Nov. 3, 2009 at 11:38 AM

Beware of bitterness.  It can cause you to become just like the person you despise.

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Nov. 3, 2009 at 1:52 PM

If you wrote it feeling bitter or used, read Desiderata.  It's a good poem of moving forward in many parts of life.  So is Strength of A Woman a good poem for one's heart.  

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