Touchtape closure fitted diapers

Side-snap AIO (all-in-one) diapers

Set of 3 side-snap fitted & one AI2 (all-in-2) diapers

same set as above

Set of AI2 size small with snap down front for newborn

Snapped down - smaller newborn setting

Not snapped - larger size small setting

Custom heavy wetter fitted

Custom Preemie - nweborn set of 4 Ribbon Fitteds and a 2-size cover

Custom NB set - 2 AIo, Ribbon fitted, snap fitted, 2 Nb / small adjustable fleece wrap covers

 Felt playfood  - mad of polyester felt & stuffed with polyfill

              Doll Diapers -- come in 2 sizes.

Leg warmers with 2 matching AIO diapers

Leg warmers with matching Pinless Prefold diaper

Assorted leg warmer designs - most no longer available

Patriotic leg warmers

Orange leg warmers

Leg warmers, inserts, & wetbag

Fleece backed Mei Tai baby carrier

Custom unpadded Mei Tai carrier

Custom Mei Tai withsnap up head support

same as above

  Basic Mei tai with padded shoulder straps

 Fire Fighter print toddler dress

 Toddler dress with matching sibling snap front shirt

 Toddler dress

 Toddler dress

    Custom matching 4th of July sets for cousins -- not a standard product!

 Beginner Undies pull-up Pocket diapers

 Pull-up Training Pants 2-3t

            Tiger stripe is a Big Kid Overnight Pants  -- fits 4 - 6x sizes. The Tan Safari Print is a Fleece Pull-up Training Pants, same size as above -- 2-3t.

         Models are a 55+ pound very tall 6 year old with the Overnight Pants on the larger snaps, & a 35 pound tall 2 year old with the Pull-up Training Pants still on the smaller snap setting.

 Custom newborn size repurposed wool longies for quads

 Binky Bib - pacifier keeper & bib in one!

 Binky Bib

  Small market bag

    Fleese side-snap pocket diapers with matching stuffed dino


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Nov. 3, 2009 at 3:47 PM

Can I please just say here that you are one talented woman! These are just awesome! I do not really know the differences between cloth diapers, I should ask someone, but I think that the look, the stitching, the designs...are all amazing on your products! You do such an incredible job. Well done.

We can't technically have anymore children, but if God so chooses to give us more, I will definitely keep you in mind!

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Nov. 25, 2009 at 8:55 AM

what are the prices on your fitteds w/ aplix closure, and what do you have in stock or do you make them to order?

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Nov. 25, 2009 at 8:55 AM

ps- you can PM me as I dont know that I'll be back to check your page.

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