I noticed that I hadn't made a post in awile...so I figured I'd catch everybody up on whats been going on. Jade will be 9 months old next week..I can't believe it!! She loves solid people food..she crawls like the wind...shes got 5 or 6 teeth...she stands up by herself. She is so happy all the time!  Sydney has such a little attitude on her at the moment. Sometimes its not so cute...lol. Hubbs sold his Firebird and bought a Camaro Iroc Z28..the car he's ALWAYS wanted...it's currently under construction. His brother "our mechanic" is flying in from NY in 2 days...and they are going to get it all going...and replace some parts on the Cavalier too. Mike had been putting his resume out in NY again for a few months...cause we were considering moving back if the right job opened up...with the economy we've heard nothing in months of looking...so we decided we are going to stay in TX for a few more years. I can't believe Sydney will be starting school soon. Makes me feel old. lol. Halloween was cute this year...Sydney had a blast walking around with her little friends. The rest of the holidays are going to be fun too. Can't believe it's almost 2010. Can't believe where we are now verses where we were a year and a half ago. Sydney and Jade are getting their 1st cousin in February. His name is going to be Owen Cecil Janczyliik. Don't ask. lol. Other than that everything is pretty much the same. Things are good. The economy could be better...I would be happy if Mike got all of his overtime back, but we're making do. We are very happy and that's all that matters.

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