So i went in for my regular prenatal check up today and i got my blood work back and everything was perfectly fine with that and then they said my papsmear did show HPV cervical cancer and now i have to go get a colposcopy done dec.17th to see if their is cancer growing on my cervix! I don't know how in the world i got HPV! I had the gardisil shot over 2 years ago and i've been marrie for 2 years! S none of this makes sense. They did say that i could have had this for years and it's just now showing up. But I'm really worried because i am 11 weeks pregnant and i refuse to have an abortion NO MATTER WHAT!

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Nov. 12, 2009 at 6:18 PM

hey!! just read your post i had the same thng happen to me while i was pregnant to. mine showed up pos. i asked them how could this be seeing how im married and were faithful he said the guy carries it without ever knowing they have it and pass it along to example if a girl slept with a guy who gave it to her then she slept with a guy gave it to him its like a big cycle just keeps getting i was freaking out to. funny how the guy gets it and nothing happens but we get it and it could turn into something serious.i had my daughter a yr ago and my pap was normal. they said my pregnancy prolly brought it out. so goodluck to u!!!hope it goes well

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Nov. 12, 2009 at 6:19 PM

ohh also i had it through my son and daughter and they are fine. as far as i know the baby will be ok then when its born they will treat u for it

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Nov. 12, 2009 at 8:31 PM

I've been having issues with cervical cancer since I was 18. All of my kids are fine and so am I. I had one biopsy and a couple of colpos. It is a pain in the butt, but a treatable one when you catch it early. The last time I had it is when I had my now 4yr old. They just treated me after he was born. He is fine. Good luck :)

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Nov. 12, 2009 at 8:32 PM

Oh, most of the time I have normal paps. So, just keep getting screened when you are supposed to and everything will probably be fine.

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Nov. 12, 2009 at 9:20 PM

i'm sorry dear! who knows how you got it! one thing about hpv, is it can stay dormant for some time and tests show up negative. weird right? my mom has it, her last test showed she was negative, but from what I have read and heard from doctors and nurses, it doesnt go away for good. are you sure it is "hpv cervical cancer" or just hpv along and an abnormal pap, making the risk of cervical cancer higher? I'm happy you have a colpo scheduled and I hope everything is ok. I have hpv too. from my last pap test, which was last month, I never got a notice about an abnormal pap or being positive for hpv, which is awesome, but it's more than likely dormant. best of luck to you

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Nov. 12, 2009 at 9:41 PM

So it showed you are HPV pos but that doesn't mean you have cervical cancer.  That is what the colposcopy will detect.  I had the same thing happen with my baby... I went in for the routine prenatal pap and it cam back abnormal.  After Emma was born they did the colposcopy.  I am surprised they are doing it while you are pregnant actually.  My Dr said that just the trauma of labor can make those cells schluff off.  That did not happen for me though.  I am on year 3 of abnormal paps and colposcopies and I will probably have to have a procedure done next year as a precautionary measure.  I wish you luck and keep us posted. 

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Nov. 12, 2009 at 9:51 PM

Thank you and yeah they said they wanted me to do the coloscopy asap inbetween my prenatal visits. I'll be 16 weeks when i get it done so hopefully nothing bad happens but they did say it can't cause a miscarriage and it can't harm the pregnancy at all but i will deff update once i get the coloscopy done!

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Nov. 13, 2009 at 8:03 AM

Don't fret, stay positive... you will be fine!  Keep us filled in and I'll be thinking of you!

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Nov. 14, 2009 at 3:22 AM

Awe you sound terrified! It is okay LOTS of women come up pos for HPV during pregnancy and not before. Pregnancy lowers you immunity to it so it flairs up. It has nothing to do with cheating spouses etc. You shouldn't even worry about cervical cancer until they do the copo and tell you what type you have. I had type 31 wasn't diagnosed till I was pregnant. I had 4 copos done while pregnant. I did not have a copo biopsy because that can cause premature labor. They will only do a biopsy if it is absolutely necessary. I had lesions on my cervix I also had pos biopsies after my son was born and I also had lots of cellular changes in my cervix. I had to have paps every 6 months. Most women have HPV clear up and gp away 6 weeks after having the baby. Mine did not go away for 2 years I finally went in after my 6th biopsy and had a negative pap! I no longer have to have copos or frequent paps.But it is a 90% chance I will flair up again if I get pregnant. Calm down you are fine! Your baby is fine and you do NOT have to worry about an abortion! What may or may not happen which is also determined by the copo is whether or not you will get warts this is determined again by what virus you have there are over 100 different types. Try this web site to see what types there are and what they do.

If you have any questions PM me I will be happy to talk to you!

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Nov. 14, 2009 at 3:26 AM

This is strictly HPV and pregnancy

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