Yep. I really suck at this site. I have a hard time with the user interface or I'm just plain not doing it right. LOL   Either way, it's been forever and a day since I've been on CafeMom and chances are that, despite my best efforts, I won't stick around along again.

Things are overall good here. Harris is having a great school year at his new school. Last school year was long and tense and miserable on every level. It's so great to have him go to school and stay all day. And learn things!

Owen is doing well. He's in 8th grade this year and it's pretty much more of the same with him. Not quite as much homework as last year, more social stuff. Getting a little mustache! Ugh.

Cyril is having a bit of a rough go. He's doing great academically, but doesn't like school. He's flipping a bit of an attitude these days. I think it's that age 9 thing. I remember Owen being no fun at that age too.

Lila is also doing well. However, we are beginning to suspect she may be dyslexic. That is something we'll be addressing at school very soon. She is thinking of joining Girl Scouts. She is looking forward to getting a haircut tomorrow. Things are pretty simple. LOL

I'm plugging along in school. If all goes well, I should start the nursing program in the Spring of 2010. Only one more quarter! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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