I came to post this link with a cute idea: http://www.stephmodo.com/2009/11/solving-halloween-candy-conundrum.html

But I guess while I'm here, I'll go ahead && tell you ladies about my day.
I never thought I would be coming home with no car, three prescriptions, && an awful memory to store in the back of my head.

I was on the way to my dad's house && on the phone with my sister.
While I waited for the light to turn green, I turned around && noticed Jude had fallen asleep.
"Oh, Peyton," I said, "I'm gonna have to turn around, he's passed out."
The light turned green && she started to say something, but then I before I could turn left, I noticed the truck a little to close to me.
Everything went in slow motion like they say it does.
I stared && thought, "He's going to stop in time."
&& Then I thought again, "No. He's going to hit me."
And he did.
The phone flew out my hand, my sister could hear me on the other end, scream, and my entire body was lurched upwards and around and I hit my head on something really hard.
He drove around me && without thinking I jumped out the car, screaming, "Jude! Jude!"
&& He was screaming && I ran around to his side && got him out the carseat though medically I shouldn't have moved him.
A lady ran up && asked if the bby was ok.
&& He just cried && cried.
&& Some how even with my bad luck, an ambulance was sitting at the stop light && had watched the entire thing.
Jude was crying and crying and soon as the man took him out my arms, he quit crying, looked up && said, "Car?"
He was okay, but I was in shock && in hysterics.
&& I couldn't even remember if it was my fault, so as they were walking me over to the ambulance and the throb in my head started to kick in, I just kept repeating over and over, "The light was green, wasn't it? It was green, right?"

Anytime I've ever had a conversation about wrecks, I've always said, I could care less if it happened as long as Jude wasn't in the car with me and he was.
They would say, "Are you okay?" && I would say, "He's alright, right?" && They would say, "Yes. Now are you okay?"
It was awful. I finally calmed down && they told me I could go get my purse && phone out the car.
So I got out the ambulance, saw my head lights && glass && metal && shit in the road && just started bawling again.

They shoved forms in my face to sign.
It took my dad and Denise 20 minutes to get there when they only live 2 minutes away from where it happened.
Then my boyfriend came and was mad cause I didn't go in the ambulance, so then he took us to the ER since the ambulance didn't even check us out to make sure we were really okay.
Jude is perfectly fine except for bruises from where the carseat straps dug into him.
My head is throbbing and hurts whenever someone touches it, but besides that I'm just sore in my neck, shoulders, and arms.
They gave me three different medications && tomorrow me && Jude have to follow up with our regular drs.

But that's what happened to us.
My car didn't make out so good.
He hit me in the driver's side tire which snapped some important rods or w/e && my car is only worth maybe $850, so yeaaa.
It's totaled. I have to go clean everything out of it tomorrow.
I don't know what I'm going to do about getting to work.
Or how I'm going to keep my sanity by being stuck in the house.
Or most important how I'm going to afford a new car.
I know we'll get some money && my mom is planning to sue, but still cars are a lot of money.

*sigh* Yeppp.
My day was one big suprise.

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Nov. 17, 2009 at 11:40 AM

I am glad that you and Jude are okay! It is terrible about the car, though. Was the other driver drunk??

Remember to make his insurance company replace Jude's carseat - it did its job protecting him, but is now unusable.

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Nov. 17, 2009 at 1:47 PM

I'm sorry. ;(

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Nov. 17, 2009 at 2:58 PM

My accident (I'm innocent, God sent me there to save every one's life, I'm certain of this) was in May.  Yes, it does go in slow motion.  Prayers to you and your family (and babe).  The lady who hit me had only 10 years driving experience, if that to my 32 years and she was a foreigner (Americans drive slower than other people in other countries--I've been poling people  from all nationalities).  Peace

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Nov. 19, 2009 at 12:37 AM

I'm glad all of you ended up ok.

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