When I'm thinking about gas I usually think about a bloated stomach, cramps or saving myself the embarrassment of passing wind around others. Gas can be uncomfortable and very inconvenient. We all know the funny sounds it makes when passing through the rectum, it can be funny and gross at the same time. That is one of the ways the body works, it’s part of life and can be more of a serious problem if not treated.

Passing gas through the vagina is something some women or anyone doesn’t even know about or have never experienced. I know some would think, how can a woman pass gas through her vagina? Well it can happen and it has. It can be an medical condition or it can be nothing to worry about. Vagina inflatulence can occur during or after sexual intercourse, during stretching and exercise. It usually has no odor and waste gas is not involved. This strange problem is an emission or expulsion of air that occurs when the air has no where else to go.

Vagina gas can be serious if it has a strong fecal matter odor and if a bowel movement occurs through it. This abnormal communication is called colonvaginal fistula, it’s an condition where there is a tear between the butt and vagina. The tear can be caused by childbirth, urinary tract infection, Cronhn’s disease and surgery. Passing gas through the female’s body part can also be a medical condition called female genital prolapse that can happen during childbirth.

The body is amazing world of wonder, it’s no surprise people are so fascinate by it or we wouldn’t know what we know today. The tear between the vagina and colon can be repaired with surgery which is called perianal reconstruction. They even have a post about this condition on Medhelp it’s a forum for women that have colonvaginal fistula.

Now when you think of gas you will be thinking about it a little more differently. It’s an unusual thing to happen, having fistula can cause you to have a bowel movement through your vagina and butt at the same time. I know that having an condition like that can be so uncomfortable and weird. OBGYN.net also has topics about this abnormal medical problem.

Although this might seem like a rare condition, but doctors have seen many cases of it. I mean it’s something to think about. What if you are constipated and you have or try to have a bowel movement not only from your rectum but your vagina! It has to be difficult and unbearable. Every woman should take the time to learn about the female’s body.

Take Care Of Your Body

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Nov. 17, 2009 at 10:47 AM

wow my sisiter had a huge baby    and got some of those symptoms  she is ok now   I am kindof gladd they can fix it ugh cn you imagine the pain ouch

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Nov. 17, 2009 at 10:59 AM

holy crap i had no idea that was possible

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Nov. 17, 2009 at 11:22 AM Yeah It sounds painful and I didn't know it could happen either!

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