With this countries love affair with boobies they don't do much to save them!!

With all the  journals posted and the sites buzzing with the new guidelines on mammograms,; I think  the message  is being lost.  Mammograms where invented in 1920's, they started to use radiation in the 50's.  Started to use mammograms for detection in the 70"S.  Many studies in the past 10 years have  found that the mammogram does more harm then good for younger women.  They believe it is  hormones that younger women: I mean women under 60, bodies have....  Studies have should that the smashing of the breast between two glass panels can help the cancer spread.  One small cancer cell smashed and broken will grow into bigger cancer cells making the one become many cancerous tumors.  They have known this for years!! Ask my doctor, even thought he thinks I am just a crazy woman, who reads to much!!!  Over seas they have MRI, ultrasounds and digital mammograms for better testing.  I have seen a small pad that is placed on the breast using sound-waves to see the mass (if there is a tumor).

We need to find better detection testing! A Canadian doctor is working on a new test using light waves and MRI waves to better "see" the tumors. It will also help find the mass, better then the mammogram.  AND here in the states we have a medical study on a simple blood test that will by past the mammogram.

Join the cafe mom group Team for the Cure.  Help Yoplait┬«  donate  to Susan G. Komen for the Cure┬« or anyway you can.  Write your congress rep and demand better testing and MORE research into finding the cure.

First they try to tell us that  we only need 24 hours to heal from a mastectomy  snopes even says this is True!!    Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act was started but never made it way to the congress floor...... WTH?  Now the mammogram guidelines.  the only thing that worries me is that this will be one more thing the insurance companies can use to deny women from getting treatment.  Saving money that more important then your wife, sister, Mom, or any woman! 

This is my story with breast cancer:

My mom was diagnose in her 40's.  The truth is it is believed to be the mammogram that helped her cancer spread.  She felt a lump but the mammogram was clear.  6 months later she had a inverted nipple and tumors spread threw out her breast. She had a modified radical mastectomy; which is where they removed the breast and nearby lymph nodes.  She received chemo and radiation.   She had blood transfusions after blood transfusions and then a clean bill of health.  She was cancer free for a little over a year......  Then she found a lump in the same place where her breast was.  8 years later she lost her battle with breast cancer.. She died at the age of 53.

I am in my 40's....... So I don't take  the mammogram debate lightly;  I just know that there is better ways to find this killer!!!!!!

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Nov. 20, 2009 at 10:30 PM

...."this will be one more thing the insurance companies can use to deny women from getting treatment."

That is the key.  Today it's the insurance companies.. tomorrow it's the government that will be denying women.

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