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the key to my undoing....

We've been ignoring the cc companies for over a year now. We just don't have the money to hand out ot our overdue balances. Yeah, I know....don't spend what you can't pay. But it happened and now we're paying for it. My DH checks go to the major bills like mortgage, electric/gas, car payments etc. My pathetic part-time cash goes to doc visits, school needs, gas for the one car we have, clothes and every day needs that seem to come up out of nowhere. Now today we get a judgement for lein against our house. AHHHHH!!!! You can't take my house. My kids need a place to live. We're trying to make it, but no matter what we do, nothing works. There's no money. Every cent we make is spent on the needs of the family. I'm extremely depressed by this new mountain in our road to living. What do you do when you've pinched, poked and prauded your way thru the economy and still have nothing from it? My family is suffering! What do I do??????

banging head into wall

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