I have seen all types of people in my short 40 years of life, but my SIL takes the cake for being evil, petty, jealous and a thief. I'll tell you a little about her so you can understand what I am talking about.

She was 16 when me and my husband met. He has a daughter from a previous marriage and I have a daughter and two sons from a previous marriage. At xmas my MIL would buy a couple of things for all four kids because they were all little. My SIL would sit and watch the kids open their gifts before she would open hers. And then complain because it looked to her that more money was spent on the kids and that the kids got more. For crying out loud she was almost grown and the kids were between the ages of 2 and 5.

She loved to have money in her pocket but wouldn't do a damn thing to earn it. My MIL was having problems with SIL and asked if she could come stay with us for awhile. I was always taught that family always comes first and that family is always there for you, so we said yes. She was there for two weeks and returned home (the day after my dh got paid). I went to pay our bills and when I went to pay the first one my money was gone. I had to pay rent, furniture payment and light bill. All that was left in my wallet was $16. When I returned home to tell my husband he had checked the mail and the phone bill was there. $750. So my dh and me went to MIL house to question SIL. She denied everything about stealing the money and claimed that she didn't know that it was long distance from Virginia to West Virginia. My MIL decided to go through SILs stuff since she hadn't been nowhere since returning home. MIL found all of my missing money. Needless to say she didn't stay with us anymore.

When she got married things got really bad with her. If it hadn't been for MIL, me and dh, and GMIL their baby would not have had formula, clothes, or diapers. GMIL bought diapers, MIL bought the formula and me and dh bought the clothes for the first year of the babies life. SIL and her hubby are the types that have to have what everyone else has and make sure it is even better. Problem is though is they don't have that kind of money. So they went and got credit cards in his name and ran them all above the limit and then claimed bankruptcy. Then they turned around and got credit cards in her name and did the same thing. And the sad part about that is that people that really do need to claim bankruptcy can't because of people like this. By the way the place that they were living at this time was his uncles house and he let them live there for free.

Uncle decided to sell the house and property so they actually had to pay for a place to live. They bought a trailer in a trailer park. My hubby was going on a bear hunting trip so for an early xmas present I got him a brand new 4 wheeler because he needed it to get around in the mountains where he was going hunting. My SIL asked my MIL if she would buy them a 4 wheeler for xmas and MIL said no because she could not afford something like that. SIL started her shit and told MIL well my brother has one why can't I. MIL explained that if she wanted one then to buy one because we bought ours with our own money. After weeks of the arguing she gave in and went and bought them one. This ended up causing MIL and FIL to separate. He was tired of not having any money because of their daughter.

My daughter was in her high school marching band and they were going to Sandusky, Ohio to march through Cedar Point Amusement Park. I am one of those parents that have to follow along and watch because I think of these things as important parts of their childs lives and have to get it on tape. So we invited a family that is close friends with us and my MIL. And my husbands boss let us borrow his 15 passenger van. SIL absolutely hates when MIL does anything with my dh. She is so afraid that mommy might spend a dime on him. We were going to be gone for 4 days. We left at 4 am and by 4:15 she already started calling the cell phone with problems that mom needed to come home and deal with. My dh asked his mother if she wanted him to take her back home. She said no because she was going to watch her granddaughter march with the band no matter what. By noon my dh told his mother that if she didn't turn her phone off that he was going to through it out the window and run it over. Our friends were even getting irritated about the phone ringing every 15 minutes. We had my 2 teenage boys and our friends had their teenage daughter and 2 teenage boys and they all turned their phones off so that they wouldn't annoy anyone. The whole weekend SIL kept calling inventing things so that we would turn around and bring MIL back home. At one point in time I answered the phone and said sorry but we are on this trip for a purpose and we will be home when we said we would be home. I turned off the phone and handed it to my dh. That is where is stayed until we got back to the hotel that night. When she turned it on the voicemail box was full. All from the same person.

SILs hubby's brother had been saving to buy a house. When they got enough they bought their new home. This made all hell break loose. SIL was jealous and wanted a bigger and better home then her BIL. Being they had bankruptcies they couldn't get financing. MIL had an empty piece of land so they told her that if she could get the financing for the house they would pay the mortgage and MIL could pay the bills and they would live together. What a mistake. SIL and hubby pay absolutely nothing and MIL pays for everything. SIL did not want us to have the phone number. I used to talk to MIL everyday on the phone. After about a year MIL called so because of caller id we got the number. Something happened to one of the kids so we called to let them know about it. The next day the number was changed.

Now here is where I really am pissed. GMIL became seriously ill 18 months ago. The woman was in the hospital 1 week before we found out. Just 3 weeks ago she went back into the hospital the way we found out is not right. I went back to college so I don't get to visit her like a used to. My sd went to go visit and was informed by a neighbor that grandma was in the hospital and been there almost a week. SD called us upset and I explained to her that we did not know either. So we went in to see grandma and the doctor explained to us that it is just a matter of time before we lose her. We couldn't get 24 hour care for her at home so we all voted that she would be better off in a nursing home for her final days. Grandma's sister took care of everything. No one called to let us know that she was released to the nursing home and SIL had it on the documentation that we were not to have any information released to us so they wouldn't tell us where she was sent to. We came back home and sd started calling around to the nursing homes until we found out which one she was in.

When we all went to visit, SIL and MIL were there. First thing out of SILs mouth is "How did you find out where she was?" I almost bit my tongue off because I did not want to upset grandma with what needed to be said. Another that pissed me off that day is that everytime my dh or sd tried to talk to my MIL they were told that MIL was not allowed to talk that day because she wouldn't take her to lunch so she was being punished. Let my kids try to do that to me and they will regret that day for the rest of their lives.

Thanks for listening I don't feel like I am going to explode anymore.


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Nov. 22, 2009 at 9:15 AM

Karma is a bitch and it will all come back at her one day.  

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Nov. 22, 2009 at 10:03 AM

OMG!!!  Honey first of all i praise you for not killing her already lol. She reminds me of my SIL...my inlaws..oh lordy. They sound soooo much alike.  I'll give you the short version. I love my MIL to death and we get along just fine. But my SIL hates me for some reason, she's even tried to kill me. But I agree with the 1st comment, KARMA is a bitch!!

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Nov. 22, 2009 at 10:04 AM

she's so horrible.. i agree with sugarkane.. iy will all come back on her.

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Nov. 25, 2009 at 3:53 AM

Thanks ladies. I feel the same way. What you do to someone and how you treat them will all come back on her.

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