Exercise your right to be in charge. Implement the message of female liberation and the women’s movement. Take control now!

Women are expected to teach, set boundaries and discipline their children when necessary. Yet, society has taught them to overlook their man. As a result, men overstep their boundaries, neglect to do their chores and act irresponsibly within the context of family life. That’s because grown men have the make-up of little children. They are ruled by their id and in a constant search for immediate gratification.

Men are nothing more than little boys in disguise. They need to be given clear and succinct guidelines on how to behave. It’s up to you to set the limits in a firm but loving fashion. Reinforce good behavior and swiftly correct any infraction.

Any man can be molded or retrained to please and satisfy. I hold the key to teaching you how to create the attentive, well-behaved man of your dreams.

Eliminate strife with loving but firm discipline

Who Should Come For Training?

I see a variety of women with different needs. You might recognize yourself as one of these ladies:

Last Resort: Everything else in your relationship has failed. Your man is totally out of control. Traditional forms of therapy and marriage counseling have not worked. Your guy acts inappropriately time and time again. Bad behaviors include laziness, drinking to access, foul language, selfish behavior in the bedroom, ogling other women, etc. etc.

Your Man Wants You To Be His Disciplinarian: You are married or involved with a man who recognizes a need for discipline. He’s either thought about it all his life or he actually experienced it from his Mom. Now he wants you to take his mother’s place. He wants you to be nurturing, provide guidance as well as deliver a swift spanking when correction is needed.

Your Man Is A Spanking Fetishist: Your guy finds spanking to be erotic. You don’t understand and want to find out more. Maybe you’ve actually tried giving a spanking but you didn’t know how far to take it - you worried you’d hurt him. You got concerned when his butt started to bruise. You’re not sure how to use implements. You don’t know whether it’s OK for him to cry. In short, you want to understand spanking better so you can make a fuller connection with your mate.

You Find The Idea of Spanking Appealing: Spanking is becoming more mainstream. Maybe you heard about another woman who uses to spanking to enhance her relationship. You want to learn more about this alternative but highly effective communication technique. You don’t know where to begin. You recognize the need to do research because a serious Disciplinarian must approach her role with an air of confidence and expertise.

You Are A Spanking Fetishist: You have thought about spanking all your life. It’s the only fantasy that will bring you to orgasm. You don’t know how to tell your spouse. You really crave the idea of discipline and you want to bring it into an existing relationship or introduce spanking to a future coupling. You may like to give as well as receive a spanking. You don’t know how to broach the topic. You want to feel more comfortable with your own spanking needs.

Types of Programs

Each person is an individual so I tailor my training to accommodate your own unique situation. You may want to come to see me once for a couple of hours or visit me for a few hour-long sessions. The following will give you an idea of some of the skills I can teach and counseling I can offer.

One on One Training

You come by yourself. We talk about you and analyze your own specific needs. If you want to implement a discipline program for your man, we will define goals and figure out a plan that will work best for you. I will assist you in setting up ground rules and I will show you exactly how to activate your plan.

In addition I will teach you:
- How To Spank
- How To Use a Variety of Spanking Implements
xxhairbrush, paddle, strap, cane, etc. (bring your own if you have them)
- Teach You Other Forms Of Discipline
xxsuch as corner time, mouth soaping, face sitting, smothering, etc.
- Teach you the difference between a play spanking and punishment spanking
- Instruct you on the correct attitude and attire
- How To Role Play

Couple Training

Bring your spouse. The three of us can discuss how you want to incorporate spanking into your relationship. You will have the opportunity to define what both are willing to accept within the context of your own situation. We will implement a workable course of action.

You can also get some hands on discipline training under my supervision.

I will show you:
- How To Spank Correctly
- Various Spanking Positions
- The Difference Between a Punishment Spanking and a Playful Spanking
- How To Use A Variety of Implements (bring your own if you have them)
- How To Role Play
- Other Aspects of Domestic Discipline that you want to incorporate into your plan

Please contact me through email first. Tell me the following:
- Your Name
- Your City and State
- How You Heard About Me
- Why you are seeking my assistance at this time
- What exactly you want to learn from me
- Your own experience with spanking (if any)
- What you hope to accomplish
- Your availability
- Let me know if you wish to attend by yourself or with your spouse
- Provide a contact phone number and best time to reach you.
- If you are calling confidentially, after you send me a detailed email, I will provide you with my own direct phone number.

Types of Counseling Offered:

1. One on One Counseling: See me in my private office. We will establish workable goals and achieve them in just a few visits. This therapy is brief and can be accomplished in less than five visits. If you want to come more often and talk about other life events, I am qualified to do that too.

2. Couple Counseling: I can help you explore and share your fetish with your spouse or partner. Sometimes it’s more effective to have a professional explain fetish to the non-scene person. I provide an environment where they will feel safe, accepted and address all their concerns.

3. Counseling For Women Only: Many women are surprised when their husbands share their fetish with them. They may be shocked and have nowhere to turn. Who is qualified to answer your questions? Not your friends, that’s for sure. The advice they give you may be fatal to your relationship.

Women who come to me get straight answers and unconditional support. My demeanor is gentle, supportive and non-threatening. I can help you feel good about his fetish and turn it into something really positive in your life.

Talk to me and I guarantee your husband will appreciate you so much that he’ll give you anything you want. You’ll learn how to spice things up so much that your whole relationship will dramatically change. I guarantee that if you participate in his fetish correctly, he’ll never stray or do anything in secret again. I will also make sure that you are comfortable in your participation. I will make sure that your needs and feelings are thoroughly addressed.

My success rate with involving non-scene women is unsurpassed. I’ve single-handedly saved and greatly improved many marriages that were on the verge of dissolution.


Remember, there’s no more need
to bicker and argue.

I can share the solution towards
living a disciplined,
harmonious life.

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