My 3 sons (ages 10,7,&6) all play tackle football for our town league. They all love to play and it is a big commitment. Practice starts end of July 3 days a week, 2 hours a day. Games start in Sept. and there is one on every weekend.We just played our last game on Sunday11/23. Just to give you an idea of how long the season can last.My two oldest sons have been playing for the past 3 years, my youngest the past 2 and NEVER in my life did I come across what happened last Sunday.My younger sons were in a play off game, we went to the feild( we were the away team) and everything seems fine, Our boys begin to play and you can tell something is wrong, because our kids keep getting hurt. Yes, it is tackle football and yes, I know they will get hurt, but not like this. My middle son Danny is a great player and he plays the whole game. He had the ball and was tackled . O kay fine, that's what happens, but when it does ALL players on the feild take a Knee and wait for the hurt child to be assessed. Not these children( the other team)they were laughing. And there coach said NOTHING to them!! If this was my child's team, their coach would be screaming at them. As I run down the feild to make sure my son is alright, I hear a parent on the other team say"good, I hope he is hurt" Thank Goodness my friend was there with me because I started yelling like a crazy woman. What is wrong with these people? But I let it go .. Danny is fine.. and I think one bad seed doesn't make the whole team. Game goes on our kids get spit in their faces, kneed in their back, holding and alot of other dirty things that the coaches and refs are claiming not to see. I couldn't even believe what was going on! All of these games I have been going to for the past 3 years was NEVER like this.The part that got my blood boiling( like it need much at this point!) one of the bigger boys tackled Danny and as he was going down this child Kneed my son in the stomach and told he to stay down.That was it. The refs saw it and did nothing. Game over..As the teams lined up to shake hands I pulled my boys off the line and refused to let them shake hands with the other team. Some parents thought I was wrong. Do you? Does anyone have any idea how to handle this differently? Yes, it's nice to win, but this is only kids football. It is a 6 and 7 year old team. I think they should be learning about teamwork and the rules of the game. I now see how parents can get crazy at these kid games.

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