Those of us who use disposable wipes know how nice those wipes boxes can be. I usually pick the ones with the cutest designed on them. But when they're done and we are either done with wipes or we end up collecting extras, what to do with the box?

So, my baby is obsessed with pulling wipes out of the wipes box. Anyone who's had an open kleenex box around or a wipes box might know this frustration. My preschooler loved doing it when she was younger, too. But we don't want to lose the wipes/kleenex that we bought to clean with.

One answer to this is to buy a box of kleenex for baby to have themselves and write it off as done. But some of those kleenex might get eaten in the process. While many people wouldn't think much of this, the dioxin used to bleach the kleenex really isn't safe to consume. And it looks funny when it comes out as poop, lol.

A better option is to use something safe and reusable inside the kleenex box or Huggies wipes container (don't use Pampers, the hard edges can chafe baby's hands... I know they hurt mine!). Playsilks are an option, of course. You could also cut up old, stained clothing into squares/strips and put them inside to be pulled out. Different materials can have the added benefit of exploring different textures through play. Stained onesies, t-shirts, pantyhose... the options are wide! Remember not to use materials with choking hazards like buttons, sequins or beads.

I also use wipes boxes for art supplies. They are great for holding crayons in a place that is easy for toddlers and preschoolers to access. You can also use them to store small toys such as legos or blocks, doll clothes, hot wheels, marbles, puzzle pieces when their boxes become wrecked, thomas trains, etc. They can also be used to store play dough that has lost its container, preventing play dough rocks.

You can use them in the bathroom for holding makeup, hair ties and bows, or pretend makeup for your child. They can be used for holding collectable cards, photos or other loose papers. In the bedroom they can hold socks, pantyhose or anything else you can imagine for them. In the living room, they can be used to organize remotes or if you have an old game system like an N64, Sega or SNES, you can use them to hold games.

I was just musing and thought I'd share these thoughts with other moms!

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Nov. 28, 2009 at 2:58 AM

What wonderful ideas!! Thank you for sharingyou rock

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Nov. 28, 2009 at 7:06 AM

LOL - my DD is long past the wipes stage but ya know what? I still have tons of old wipes boxes holding art supplies and Barbie clothes.  Those boxes are some 7 years old now (!!!) and some are covered with stickers of favorite characters past (Elmo) but they sure come in handy!

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Nov. 28, 2009 at 8:51 AM

we do that same, buy the cutes boxs and use them to store things!!  i just had to get rid of the one i bought for isaiah.  the lid came off and them the sides started cracking and breaking.  i was kinda sad!  it was bambi and i loved that box

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