When you consider what spiritual beings are, we are all pinpoints of light emanating from one giant source of love and energy. Consider this; if you would imagine the leaves on a tree all singular yet connected by the same roots, you would understand that we, like the leaves on the tree, all have our own unique identities yet we are all connected to the same source. Therefore we are ll connected to every human being on the planet. Essentially, what effects one ultimately effects us all.

Spirituality Seeking

Spirituality Seeking

Charitable Giving for the Spirits Growth

Because we are all connected on a spiritual level we need to make it our collective mission to take care of one another. Sometimes we get lost in our own journey, in our passion to know the deepest parts of ourselves that we lose sight of the growth that comes from looking outwardly to making spiritual connections with others. The inward journey is an exciting one necessary for our spiritual growth, but the outward journey of making spiritual connections and contributing to the collective spiritual evolution is just as important because just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the involvement of each and every person to raise the world.

Right now violence, war, pollution, and hunger are bringing down the world’s vibration. While we deal with our own everyday struggles, those less fortunate, living in third-world countries, need our help. When you help someone you lift them up and give them a chance to take care of themselves and their families. A ripple effect then occurs as those you’ve extended your help to then begin to help others and so many lives are saved from your simple act of kindness and charitable giving.

Heifer International - Charitable Giving

I would encourage each and every one of you to open your hearts to those in need.Heifer International is an organization I found through the Oprah.com website that helps men, women, and children around the world who are in desperate need.

Spirituality Seeker has just set up a registry at Heifer International to offer our visitors a chance to give back.

Visit the  Spirituality Seeker Registry at Heifer International to give what you can.

Microloans (as seen on Oprah.com)

If you’re interested in Microloans; money you can lend to women to help them establish a means of income, you can find out more about that on Oprah.com by visiting this link.

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