First off, let me clarify, that I do not get offended if people say Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Hannukah, or Happy Holidays.  I do not mind any seasonal greeting that is said as a good will wish towards others during the holidays.

If you say Merry Christmas to me, I wouldn't mind, nor would I report anyone for doing so, while working in a store.  I believe that as long as someone is genuinely trying to extend a greeting to others with good will, that should be the focus, and there is no need to be offended.

Externally, I take it for what it is usually meant...a well wish.


That said...I want to present an internal thought that I have with regards to this..and this internal thought is not meant to make people NOT say what they wish to say.  I am simply expressing my thoughts on the meanings that are more deep seeded in expressions of good will.

OK, let's get started with my break down of my thoughts by establishing who I am spiritually.

I am a pagan UU panentheist.  I celebrate Yule on a spiritual level, and Christmas with my Christian relatives on a family level.

Now, with regards to holiday greetings during the winter.....

Holiday well wishes are usually meant to reflect what you wish for someone else..

so if someone does not celebrate Christmas, and you are wishing them a Merry Christmas, it is technically like saying "I hope you enjoy My holiday.", while giving no recognition for the celebrations they will actually be partaking in.

The same would be true on my end,  if I told everyone Happy Yule. 

If I told everyone Happy Yule...  Many Christians might think to themselves, um..what's Yule????, while scratching their heads...because Yule holds no personal meaning for them.  The greeting would not really fit.

If I knew a person was Christian, I would NOT wish them a happy Yule, even though that is what I celebrate...instead, I would say 'Merry Christmas to you", because I want to wish them a blessing that reflects THEIR festivities...NOT my festivities.

If I did NOT know what religion a person followed, I would say Happy Holidays, because it allows for all beliefs to be represented, instead of just my own or what I assume they might follow.

I hope that all made sense...and that nobody gets the impression that I am trying to change their greetings.

I am simply extending my thoughts on why wishing someone a greeting associated with one's personal celebrations doesn't truly apply on an internal level....

Blessings and Happy Holidays to all...


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