Hey ladies, I am very frusturated today, As in my last journal entry, I am at the end of the line with my so, Anyways he leaves in 15 days, and It is my choice as to weather or not he comes back.  i am leaning towards the fact that he and i are finished.  And this to me is scarey and sad. I am not good at being alone. And i know this is whats best for me and for my daughter.  And what kills me is that, his family wont help him, if he and i are over, he has no where to go, and what kind of a person would that make me, if i threw him out in minus 35 weather?  Why is it my responsibility, im not his mother, nor his father, nor his family.  I dont know what to do! I feel like i am this monster.  I know i complain a lot about him, but some days he is so great.  But that gives him no excuse. am i to stay in this miserable place because he has no place to go, no family?

Anyways THanks ladies


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Dec. 7, 2009 at 2:40 PM

I can really sense your sadness and pain. To feel alone is a horrbile thing, to have a child at the same time I can only imagine must be almost unbearable. However, you are capable of doing it.  I have a daughter and it is often difficult to realize that the choices I make as a woman will impact her the rest of her life.  Your little one needs a strong Mother who knows who she is and can handle life. What I don't sense in your journal entry is a belief that you are capable of this. You are!!! Women are a force like no other, and a woman that becomes a Mother crosses a threshold that makes her even stronger. If you want an opinion on what to do...here it is. Make a commitment to spend a year focusing on you and your daughter.  Figure out who you are and what you want for yourself and your daughter and don't settle for anything less. These men whom have been in your daughters life are not preparing her to make good decisions for her life partners. Remember, what you do now will impact her happiness in the future and now. Show her that she doesn't need a man to be happy and when she decides to share her life with someone else she will know exactly what makes her happy. We woman have such untapped strength. You can go this alone, I know you can.

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