So i am due on January 6th but my doctor won't let me deliver on my own due to the fact that i have a narrow pelvis and a big baby, lol, i told my mom that she is too much of a big butt to come out, so they have me scheduled for a C-Section on December 28th, i am so nervous and excited at the same time, besides a little more sprucing up to do around the house i have everything done, i don't need anything else for baby, i went grocery shopping and bought a ton of quick and easy meals, like the birds eyes skillet meals and stouffers meals, but the thing is, i honestly can't wait til she gets here, it took us foreverto get pregnant and now after a long pregnancy i am finally going to be a mommy, and my family, especially my mom, is all really excited, i have 3 nephews right now that are 2 & 1/2, 1 & 1/2, and 8 months old, i have another nephew (my sisters step son) who is 13, and i have a step daughter that is 5 but this is the first baby girl born into my family, my mom says that she is already spoiled, i just can't wait til she gets here, i wanna hold my baby so bad, even my DH is gettin so excited, lol, last night he was talking about what he wanted Annaleighya to dress as for halloween, i think its so cute, lol,

oh, and also, December 28th is my Anniversary and my Grandmother's birthday, i think its really cool, that we get to celebrate that day in yet another way, too bad my grandmother isn't going to be around to see her greatgranddaughter born on her birthday,

well, i just wanted to put it out there how nervous/excited i am about my baby and my scheduled date, thanks for listening,

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