So as some of you may know I have been working on getting all my pre-requisites for Nursing school, hoping to eventuall become a Nurse practitioner... well I have been talking to my mom, who has been taking some classes with me and recently decided to get a BS in Bio or Chem, that I am just going to go for my dream.

I'm going to be a Doctor.

I officially changed my major to Pre-Med with an emphasis in Biology. My BS will be in Biology (the area of Biology is still undecided, I'm looking at Cell and Molecular or Genetics...). I will then go to Med school. I have a 4.0 and I've taken med classes related to Nursing but not required for med school so I have a feeling I have a great chance getting in but I do have a few years before applying.

U.C.Davis is the closest Med school/teaching hospital so I will probably end up going there (hopefully)

Long term goal is to be an Ob/Gyn or maybe work in Stem Cell research.... Dr. Daylin Hawkins :) Sounds great!!

I am so stoked!!

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