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I'm just wondering if anyone had such a difficult labor like i did... Here's my story.. I had my daughter on December 6, 2008... She was suppose to be here on December 11th... So on Dec 5th i went to my daughter to get my check up and i told her i really wanna go into labor because i was on bed rest for high blood pressure and my headaches were getting pretty bad and the pain was getting bad so she schedule me to be induce on Dec 8th well i didn't make it i went into labor that day Dec 5th she actually broke my membrans to get me into labor and it worked.. So that night i couldn't eat i felt like crap and finally my water broke and than we went to the hospital and my contractions were a minute apart.. i really wasn't gonna do an epidural but i couldn't help it because my contractions wouldn't stop and im going to be delivering anytime soon because i wasn't even dilated yet.. so they finally gave me an epidural.. and about 3 am in the morning i was dilated at 10 cm but they wouldn't let me push till she was way down below. So than 8 am came around and i started to push and push and push and nothing so they figured out she was stuck in pelvis so she just kept making me push and push and nothing happened so finally about 12pm they got someone to help get her out.. well after i had her i had a huge pain my back and i thought it was from the epidural But all along it was my tailbone it actually broke while i gave birth.. So its been a year now and I'm still having alot of pain So now after all the bullshit of going to physical therapy and taking pain medications while nothing has worked they finally are getting me to a doctor for injections... So my question is Has anyone gone through what im going through and have you had any injections for it? what should i expect???

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Dec. 14, 2009 at 8:03 PM

With my first son I had a very difficult labor. I did not break my tail bone, but I had a horrible labor experience. I like you got my membranes stripped and went into labor on my own that night. Although I was going to be induced in the morning if it didn't work b/c I was already two weeks late. Anyways I was in labor for 12 hours. During those 12 hours I went to 9cm. After I reached 9cm my body undialated. Then my heartrate started to drop. My son's mimicked mine. I had to have an emergency C-section. From the Epidurals (I had at least 3 and not one took) my back has never felt the same. Its hurts all the time and its really annoying. I am going to see a Dr about it soon. My son is now 3 btw.

Oh I also have a Dec 2008 baby. My daughter was born the 3rd. :D

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Dec. 14, 2009 at 9:51 PM

Yeah i was in labor for over 24 hours and very bad pain i had back labor with mine.. it was horrible i thought i was gonna die.. But i would definitely go get checked because Ive been dealing with this for a year now and its not fun at all.. and I'm finally getting everything fixed i hope it fixing it because I'm running out of options but thats crazy that you stopped dilating... But for me it was all worth it just wish i would feel better and im sure yours was all worth it too...

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Dec. 15, 2009 at 7:21 AM

This happened to my daughter, her tail bone dislocated.  We only found out because she was complaining her back hurt.   I sent her for a massage and the massage therapist popped the tail bone back in.  She was fine in three days.   If she had continued going to the doctors , he would have continued to give her pain pills and never really finding out or helping her like the massage therapist did in one session.

Try a chiropractor.   The tail bone is very sensitive and you might get results better from a specialist then a regular doctor.  

Good luck!

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