The decision was made last night to get rid of the Mustang.  So...

FOR SALE~~~~~  $30,000.00

2006 Mustang GT convertible


less than 30,000 miles

show car which has trophied 7 out of 7 since we have had it

included with car...

   chrome under the hood

   speedster cover custom painted

   sequential tailights

   custom light bar

   new rubber


Car belonged to my FIL who passed away on Labor Day and was passed down to my husband.  Unfortunately, we just cannot afford to keep it any longer, and my husband will use money to rebuild his business, which he gave up to help me care for Pops. 

If interested, please contact me by message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to at least look and be blessed!   BTW, I tried to upload pic but it wouldn't do it :(


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