I'm sooooo freakin pissed.

My dd has gym 2nd period, well, today she wore dress shoes so she had to bring her sneakers.  She put her converse (brand new) into her very nice Nike draw string bag.  In 3rd period she had testing, so the whole class was in the computer room.  They all put they're bags on a table by the wall.  So when she was finally done, she went to get her back pack & bag with shoes.  Guess what..... IT WASN'T THERE!!!!  Even though she had tied them together she didn't jump to conclusions & looked around the other bags & under the table, but it was gone!!

I called the school & said that I hope that maybe someone had taken it inadvertently & turned it in to the lost & found, but the janitors checked & it wasn't there.  So then I left a message for her English teacher to see if maybe she had seen someone with it, or if she herself & possibly found it & kept it rather than bring to the lost & found since she could just give it to her tomorrow.  I'm really hoping that we find it, but right now I'm PISSED!!  I asked dd why she wasn't & she said that she was when it happened.  Then on the way home she & her friend devised a plan to put up reward posters for $60 (the cost of the items), then smack the person with the bag & say "Here's your $60!!", lol......

Anyway, I'm checking craigslist hoping that someone is stupid enough to get caught, wishful thinking.......  Just needed to vent!!

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Dec. 16, 2009 at 3:50 PM

I'm sorry to hear what happen to your daughter. Both of you have good ideas. I hope you'll find the bag and of course with the shoes in it.good luck

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