So it's a new year again.  That time of year when people traditionally make "resolutions" and then manage to break them within a month or so.  The time of year when people look back and try to fix things that are broken, or start new projects, or do a major mental/physical purge of their lives.

And I'm no different.

But I've had relative success with my "resolutions" the past few years.  And I think it's in the mindset.  I don't think of them as "resolutions" , I think of them as goals.  Something that may or may not be accomplished, but something that I am constantly working towards.  That way it isn't so final - make this resolution or else - but again, something that I can keep working towards.  Baby steps forward and sometimes steps backwards.  But always working to reaching it.

So for 2010, here are my goals;  My needs and wants for the year

* Lose a few pounds and just generally eat and live healthier - with the health problems I'm having, it can't hurt to make a better effort towards this.  I already eat fairly well, but again, making a more concentrated effort is good.

*Continue getting our finanaces in order - we've made great strides towards this in 2009, but need to keep it up.  We're still not totally there and with our job situations looking dim, we need to continue

*Purge and organize - home and mind.  A continual process. Baby steps here.  Starting to get rid of toys/clothes/etc that we don't need anymore.  Streamlining our paper systems to keep the clutter out.  Making a concentrated effort to do the little things each day to keep our life clean and clutter-free

That's it....just three little goals to work towards.  Each big goal has little mini-goals involved.  But I can do it - we can do it. We just need the right mindset!

Here's to a happy, healthy, goal-meeting 2010!

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