has begun.  Tomorrow, I am the birthday girl. Another January 4 brings wonderful, happy childhood memories for me. Most of my kid birthdays, up to age 18, were home parties with lots of neighborhood kids and/or school friends.  Mom made me a chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing. Sometimes with coconut on top or sprinkles. Yummy.

I did bake myself a cake today, with the help of my son. This time I did a chocolate bundt cake, icing optional.

Anyway, it will be just the 3 of us out to dinner at my favorite restaurant in our little city.

So, I am 52, there I said it. As I look at the number and turn it around I notice that it reads 25, which happens to be the number of years my hubby and I will be married in June of this year. Is that a sign, I wonder. I will have to pray on that thought. I do know that I feel very blessed to have reached this age and years married.

Now it's just time to face the new phase that the fifties brings--menopause. I thought it started in November, but I was wrong when December rolled around. 

As I read, watch and learn from magazines and Dr. Oz, I know that I must eat healthy and exercise more. Also, check my hormones. I vow to make it my best year, yet, for my health.

Won't you join me if you're in my age group?

I'm writing this and, of course, memories of mom pop up. It's days like this that I miss her the most. Well, new memories are being made now, so onward.  I say, Happy Birthday to me. I deserve it.


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May. 5, 2012 at 2:24 AM

Wow yes you do...happy late Bday I am a Jan baby too.

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May. 6, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Thanks, Lindy. This is from 2 years ago!! I'm now 54.

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